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I am compelled to create objects with nontraditional materials and transform them to a greater meaning. As a processed based materialist painter I constantly work to combine various materials together . This combination of endless "what ifs" are very enticing, each layers create a visual stimuli.  It is not necessarily about viewing something for the sake of beauty - but to create a visual emotional connection and response from within.


Having always wrestled with the act of articulating my work, I now believe it's enough for each art piece to engage each viewer individually with its own visual language.

I work viscerally, using materials combined together and easily accessible: from embellishing beads on toys, confetti, gift wrapping paper, or puzzles on canvas or wood.  Each work brings attention to places people may not have otherwise noticed, demarking a place where kitsch and sophistication and highbrow and lowbrow intersect. 

My aesthetics have been subliminally informed by the pop culture and I observe the mainstream with not knowing, never defining, but allowing for continual change.  I act as alchemist: kitsch, plastic toys and insects, faux jewels, stuffed toys, and fragmented emotions are my materials.

I want to be present in the moment of creation.

My process is the act of acceptance.

Rachel Jeffs Photography
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